L&J Roofing and Consulting Services Inc
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Why us?

  • Establish driveway and landscape protection
  • Protect air conditioning units
  • During initial tear off, we remove all existing nails from the roof instead of pounding them back down into the roof deck
  • Ice and water shield is installed to roof deck on all valleys, chimneys, skylights, vertical wall flashing, and pipe penetration
  • Use only actual starter shingle designed for perimeter protection instead of 3 tab shingle turned upside down
  • Chalk lines are drawn for proper roof layout so the shingles are laid out perfectly straight
  • Shingles are installed above manufacturer specifications concerning nailing i.e. L&J Roofing installs 6 nails on all architectural shingle roofs instead of 4
  • Use only lead pipe collars for soil stack flashing instead of neopreme rubber flashing
  • Continually clean while applying product during application and final cleanup is absolutely meticulous
  • Use only the top quality products and all installations are in accordance with manufacturers requirements
  • We recycle your old shingles
  • Have convenient, flexible financing available to meet your project needs